Functional Categories

Help for Leprosy Functional Classification

This query allows you to search for genes belonging to a given category of the functional classification established for M. Tuberculosis H37Rv. For more detailed information on these categories please refer to the following paper:

Deciphering the biology of Mycobacterium tuberculosis from the complete genome sequence

Nature 393, 537-544 (1998)

S. T. Cole, R. Brosch, J. Parkhill, T. Garnier, C. Churcher, D. Harris, S. V. Gordon, K. Eiglmeier, S. Gas, C. E. Barry, III, F. Tekaia, K. Badcock, D. Basham, D. Brown, T. Chillingworth, R. Connor, R. Davies, K. Devlin, T. Feltwell, S. Gentles, N. Hamlin, S. Holroyd, T. Hornsby, K. Jagels, A. Krogh, J. McLean, S. Moule, L. Murphy, K. Oliver, J. Osborne, M. A. Quail, M.-A. Rajandream, J. Rogers, S. Rutter, K. Seeger, J. Skelton, R. Squares, S. Squares, J. E. Sulston, K. Taylor, S. Whitehead & B. G. Barrell

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