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The Mycobrowser knowledge base integrates genome details, protein information, drug and transcriptome data, mutant and operon annotation; structural views and comparative genomics, in a structured manner required for the rational development of new diagnostic, therapeutic and prophylactic measures against tuberculosis, leprosy and other mycobacterial infections. With the means of expert curation and continuous updates, we deliver a broad view of the genomes of clinically important mycobacterial species.

To Cite the Mycobrowser website: Kapopoulou A, Lew JM, Cole ST. The MycoBrowser portal: a comprehensive and manually annotated resource for mycobacterial genomes. Tuberculosis (Edinb). Jan 91(1):8-13 (2011)

The part of the work concerning M. leprae was funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

The Mycobrowser database and website have been created and are currently being annotated and maintained in the laboratory of Professor Stewart Cole, part of the Global Health Institute.

In 2017, the Mycobrowser web application has been rewritten with Ruby on Rails by Fabrice David. During this major update, previous species-specific databases were refactored and merged in a unique database. Jbrowse integration was setup by Andrey Benjak and Vincent Jacquot. Andrej Benjak maintains the content of the database.

Database and website are hosted at the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne.