Release 3 (2018-06-05)

Four new genomes added (M. tuberculosis 18b, M. lepromatosis Mx1-22A, M. haemophilum DSM_44634/ATCC_29548 and M. abscessus ATCC_19977).
Added plasmid sequence for M. marinum.
Added SWISS-MODEL links.
UniProt accession numbers corrected.
“Pseudogene” is not a functional category anymore. Pseudogenes are now displayed as framed boxes in the genome browser.
Added information for Rv2418c, Rv1327c and MSMEG_6914. Minor coordinate changes in few short pseudogenes in M. leprae.
New tracks available for M. tuberculosis and M. smegmatis.
Protein sequence files are available for download in the Releases section.