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lipid metabolism
General annotation
FunctionFunction unknown, but supposed involvement in lipid degradation.
ProductPossible fatty-acid-CoA ligase FadD1 (fatty-acid-CoA synthetase) (fatty-acid-CoA synthase)
CommentsRv1750c, (MTCY28.13c, MTCY04C12.34), len: 532 aa. Possible fadD1, fatty-acid-CoA synthetase, similar in part to others e.g. O35488|VLCS_MOUSE very-long-chain acyl-CoA synthetase from Mus musculus (620 aa); NP_113924.1|NM_031736 solute carrier family 27 (fatty acid transporter) member 2 from Rattus norvegicus (620 aa); NP_459076.1|NC_003197 crotonobetaine/carnitine-CoA ligase from Salmonella typhimurium (517 aa); CAIC_ECOLI|P31552 probable crotonobetaine/carnitine-CoA ligase from Escherichia coli (522 aa), FASTA scores: opt: 448, E(): 1.9e-21, (25.1% identity in 502 aa overlap); etc. Also highly similar to fadD17|Rv3506|MTV023.13 probable fatty-acid-CoA ligase from Mycobacterium tuberculosis (502 aa); and similar to others from Mycobacterium tuberculosis e.g. fadD6|MTCI364.18|Rv1206|O05307 probable fatty-acid-CoA ligase (597 aa), FASTA score: (28.3% identity in 519 aa overlap); etc. Contains PS00455 Putative AMP-binding domain signature. Belongs to the ATP-dependent AMP-binding enzyme family.
Functional categoryLipid metabolism
ProteomicsIdentified in the cytosol and cell membrane fraction of M. tuberculosis H37Rv using 2DLC/MS (See Mawuenyega et al., 2005). Identified by mass spectrometry in whole cell lysates of M. tuberculosis H37Rv but not the culture filtrate or membrane protein fraction (See de Souza et al., 2011).
MutantNon-essential gene for in vitro growth of H37Rv, by analysis of saturated Himar1 transposon libraries (see DeJesus et al. 2017). Non essential gene by Himar1 transposon mutagenesis in H37Rv and CDC1551 strains (see Sassetti et al., 2003 and Lamichhane et al., 2003). Non-essential gene for in vitro growth of H37Rv, by Himar1 transposon mutagenesis (See Griffin et al., 2011).
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Genomic sequence
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Protein sequence
>Mycobacterium tuberculosis H37Rv|Rv1750c|fadD1