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General annotation
FunctionThought to catalyze the principal conversion of saturated fatty acids to unsaturated fatty acids. Thought to convert stearoyl-ACP to oleoyl-ACP by introduction of a cis double bond between carbons delta-9 and delta-10 of the acyl chain [catalytic activity: stearoyl-[acyl-carrier protein] + AH2 + O2 = oleoyl-[acyl-carrier protein] + a + 2 H2O].
ProductPossible acyl-[acyl-carrier protein] desaturase DesA2 (acyl-[ACP] desaturase) (stearoyl-ACP desaturase)
CommentsRv1094, (MTV017.47), len: 275 aa. Possible desA2, acyl-[acyl-carrier protein] desaturase (stearoyl-ACP desaturase), equivalent to AL049491|MLCB1222_15 from Mycobacterium leprae (275 aa), FASTA score: (78.1% identity in 274 aa overlap). Also weakly similar to plant stearoyl-acyl carrier protein desaturases, and very similar to U49839|MTV043.16C|Rv0824c enzyme desA1 from Mycobacterium tuberculosis (338 aa), FASTA scores: opt: 525, E(): 8.5e-30, (32.2% identity in 270 aa overlap); and to U15182|MLU15182_32 acyl-carrier protein desaturase precursor from Mycobacterium leprae (338 aa), FASTA scores: opt: 506, E(): 1.9e-28, (34.1% identity in 261 aa overlap).
Functional categoryLipid metabolism
ProteomicsIdentified in the membrane fraction of M. tuberculosis H37Rv using 1D-SDS-PAGE and uLC-MS/MS (See Gu et al., 2003). Identified in the cytosol and cell membrane fraction of M. tuberculosis H37Rv using 2DLC/MS (See Mawuenyega et al., 2005). Identified in the membrane fraction of M. tuberculosis H37Rv using nanoLC-MS/MS (See Xiong et al., 2005). Identified by mass spectrometry in Triton X-114 extracts of M. tuberculosis H37Rv (See Malen et al., 2010). Identified by mass spectrometry in the membrane protein fraction and whole cell lysates of M. tuberculosis H37Rv but not the culture filtrate (See de Souza et al., 2011). Translational start site supported by proteomics data (See de Souza et al., 2011) (See Kelkar et al., 2011).
TranscriptomicsmRNA identified by microarray analysis and down-regulated after 96h of starvation (see citation below).
MutantEssential gene for in vitro growth of H37Rv in a MtbYM rich medium, by Himar1 transposon mutagenesis (see Minato et al. 2019). Essential gene for in vitro growth of H37Rv, by analysis of saturated Himar1 transposon libraries (see DeJesus et al. 2017). Essential gene by Himar1 transposon mutagenesis in H37Rv strain (see Sassetti et al., 2003). Essential gene for in vitro growth of H37Rv, by Himar1 transposon mutagenesis (See Griffin et al., 2011).
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Genomic sequence
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Protein sequence
>Mycobacterium tuberculosis H37Rv|Rv1094|desA2