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General annotation
FunctionInvolved in the sulfate activation pathway (at the third step) in the reductive branch of the cysteine biosynthetic pathway. Reduces activated sulfate into sulfite [catalytic activity: 5-phosphoadenosine 3-phosphosulfate + reduced thioredoxin = phosphoadenosine phosphate + oxidized thioredoxin + sulfite].
ProductProbable 3'-phosphoadenosine 5'-phosphosulfate reductase CysH (PAPS reductase, thioredoxin DEP.) (padops reductase) (3'- phosphoadenylylsulfate reductase) (PAPS sulfotransferase)
CommentsRv2392, (MTCY253.29c), len: 254 aa. Probable cysH, 3'-phosphoadenosine 5'-phosphosulfate reductase (see citation below), similar to many e.g. P94498|O34620|CYH1_BACSU|CYSH from Bacillus subtilis (233 aa), FASTA scores: opt: 618, E(): 8.1e-32, (46.5% identity in 202 aa overlap); Q9KCT3|CYSH|BH1486 from Bacillus halodurans (231 aa), FASTA scores: opt: 560, E(): 3.6e-28, (41.3% identity in 230 aa overlap); P56860|CYSH_DEIRA from Deinococcus radiodurans (255 aa), FASTA scores: opt: 489, E(): 1.1e-23, (44.7% identity in 190 aa overlap); etc. Belongs to the PAPS reductase family and CYSH subfamily. Note that operon cysA-cysW-cysT-subI, probably involved in sulfate transport, is near this putative ORF.
Functional categoryIntermediary metabolism and respiration
ProteomicsIdentified in the cell membrane fraction of M. tuberculosis H37Rv using 2DLC/MS (See Mawuenyega et al., 2005). Identified by mass spectrometry in whole cell lysates of M. tuberculosis H37Rv but not the culture filtrate or membrane protein fraction (See de Souza et al., 2011).
MutantEssential gene for in vitro growth of H37Rv in a MtbYM rich medium, by Himar1 transposon mutagenesis (see Minato et al. 2019). Disruption of this gene results in growth defect of H37Rv in vitro, by analysis of saturated Himar1 transposon libraries (see DeJesus et al. 2017). Essential gene by Himar1 transposon mutagenesis in H37Rv strain (see Sassetti et al., 2003). Essential gene for in vitro growth of H37Rv, by Himar1 transposon mutagenesis (See Griffin et al., 2011).
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Genomic sequence
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Protein sequence
>Mycobacterium tuberculosis H37Rv|Rv2392|cysH